Rehabilitation after knee or hip surgery

Do you have pain in the knee or hip and want the best medical care?

Knee or hip surgery and recovery

The medical procedure is carried out in a international hospital in Benidorm. The medical aftercare and rehabilitation takes place in the international rehabilitation centre MedifitReha. The knee or hip medical combination of surgery and rehabilitation concept in Spain is unique and of high quality.

Intensive rehabilitation with results

The latest surgical method combined with the intensive internal rehabilitation programme will enable you to return to your normal daily activities after only four to six weeks. Normally, this is only possible after three months. With 2 hours of therapy every day, you can expect to recover much faster than average.

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Reconditioning without surgery in Spain

We specialise in rehabilitation after hip replacement, knee replacement, arthroscopy, or cruciate ligament reconstruction (whether it has been carried out in our hospital or not). It is therefore also possible to take part in the rehabilitation programme if you have had surgery in your own country or if you would simply like to avoid knee or hip surgery.

We work across borders with the latest treatment techniques. Our method has proven to quickly restore knee and hip injuries, allowing you to return to your activities quickly and without pain. We have already treated many patients with excellent results.

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Many preceded you:

Jos Jansen - Patient Meditit Reha

Jos Jansen, the Netherlands

I trained hard with the therapists for 8 weeks. As a result, I now have much more stamina. I also feel much better. The healthy air on the Costa Blanca has also helped.
review Klaas Jan Hindriks

Klaas Jan Hindriks - Foreign Correspondent NOS, the Netherlands

Your organization and treatment center is not only distinguished by its medical knowledge, but above all by the dedication and inspiring support of the extremely experienced employees.

Chiel (Michael) & Aty Visser-Dekker, The Netherlands

Michael arrived in Moraira in a wheelchair and left with only a cane as a (temporary) support when walking. Far better than we had ever hoped for! Far better than we had ever hoped for!
Mildred May patient recensie medifit reha

Mildred May, The Hague

I was made to feel very comfortable by the lovely caring therapists. I also stayed in a nice apartment where I got some rest. These 6 weeks have made me a lot stronger and more confident.
review henny vissers - witte

Henny Vissers - Witte, the Netherlands

For all fellow sufferers, no matter how sad the circumstances are, when you visit the rehabilitation clinic in Moraira, you can learn a lot with the cooperation of this fantastic team of therapists, both physically and mentally!
review esther

Esther, the Netherlands

From the first moment that my wife Esther came to Spain to the last moment she was taken care of. Esther's recovery has been worked on both physically and spiritually and with success! We have never regretted it and will recommend it to anyone!
review debbie

Debbie, the Netherlands

You can literally leave the daily worries at home and focus completely on your recovery, both mentally and physically. A great concept and great lovely people! I have a goal again and see the future a bit, it was zero for this adventure!

Nanda, the Netherlands

Really, what a fantastic rehabilitation center! Just got back 2.5 weeks after hip surgery. What a professional and lovely beautiful people! Highly recommended for anyone who gets "no" aftercare here, I recommend: go to Spain and Medifit ... health insurers reimburse this. Fantastic team!!

Chiel (Michael) & Aty Visser-Dekker, The Netherlands

Michael arrived in Moraira in a wheelchair and left with only a cane as a (temporary) support when walking. Far better than we had ever hoped for!
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