Pulmonary rehabilitation

Recovering and pushing boundaries

Pulmonary rehabilitation aims to reduce symptoms as much as possible. We organize our lives in such a way that conditions limit us as little as possible. The ultimate goal is for the patient to be able to participate in social life as fully as possible after pulmonary rehabilitation. We help you recover as much as possible and teach you how to push and set boundaries. The pulmonary rehabilitation program is led by Dr. Frans Cholbi in collaboration with pulmonologist Dr. Dick Pasker and cardiologist Dr. Laura van Lochem.

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Treatment at Medifit Moraira or Medifit Denia center

The outpatient pulmonary treatment program is offered at the Moraira and Denia locations. In Denia, you can choose to stay in the care hotel where you can hire nursing care. In both centers, treatments are conducted in individual treatment rooms, in a modern exercise area, and outdoors.

The pulmonary rehabilitation program is the result of collaboration between caregivers, medical, and paramedical specialists specialized in treating symptoms caused by lung conditions.

At Medifit, we have had a comprehensive, scientifically-based treatment program for years, based on the international rehabilitation protocol and the PEP/FIT modules. The programs last 6 to 8 weeks on-site, followed by online guidance once you are back home. We help you build your self-confidence, strength, and overall fitness, resume your daily activities, and learn self-management and education skills. The content of the pulmonary rehabilitation program is focused on addressing the root causes of your symptoms, rather than just learning to cope with them.

What makes our approach so successful?

  • Specific individual program
  • We work according to the latest scientific insights
  • For each specific cause, a specialist in that area
  • Highly experienced interdisciplinary team in pulmonary rehabilitation

Step 1

Assessing the current level

  • History (what has happened), education/information about the options;
  • Functional tests;
  • Determining the options;
  • Psychological examination;
  • Nutrition consultation.

Step 2

The creation of a customized treatment program

Based on the data from these examinations, the program is created in consultation with all medical professionals involved. The various treatments, such as cognitive physiotherapy, manual physiotherapy, medical training therapy, psychotherapy, nutrition counseling, and relaxation therapy, are coordinated and constantly adjusted through retesting and interdisciplinary consultation.

Pulmonary rehabilitation program based on scientific research

The intensity of the rehabilitation depends on your capacity to endure it. The treatment involves increasing your endurance by exercising according to specific “training zones.” We do not train and/or exercise casually. We work based on the most recent scientific research and years of experience in treating lung patients.

Duration of the program

If you live nearby, the program can be spread over several months. If you come to us, online intakes will be conducted in advance. This is to ensure you are well-prepared for your visit to our center. You will be treated with us for 6 to 8 weeks. We start by conducting a series of tests/examinations to determine your current level and identify the possibilities. We determine the level at which to start the treatments. This is different for each patient. During the treatment process, you will be prepared for your daily life, and we support you by providing aftercare through online consultations and an online individual training program.


The pulmonary rehabilitation program is a private treatment. Whether your treatment is reimbursed depends on your health insurance provider. Individual treatments may be eligible for reimbursement by private health insurers. Not all private health insurers cover this treatment.

More about reimbursements.


Frank Bierlee, Nederland

Op 09/11 ben ik begonnen met de 8 weken interne COPD Revalidatie van MedifitReha hier in Spanje. Dit was voor mij de laatste kans, ik was niet meer blij met dit leven. Alles door de gevolgen van COPD. Het snakken naar adem , geen 5 meter meer kunnen lopen, de longaanvallen, en vooral het snakken naar adem.
En ook voor de omgeving was het niet fijn om me zo te zien.

Henny Vissers – Witte, the Netherlands

For all fellow sufferers, no matter how sad the circumstances are, when you visit the rehabilitation clinic in Moraira, you can learn a lot with the cooperation of this fantastic team of therapists, both physically and mentally!

Janine Vorstenbosch, Nederland

Wat was het een fantastische ervaring en het heeft mij veel gebracht. 8 weken revalideren zowel fysiek als mentaal. In de setting van een heel fijn zorghotel, waar het mij werkelijk aan niets ontbrak. Waar ik naast het dagelijks oefenen en trainen tot rust kwam. Een bonus was het ontmoetten van lotgenoten. Vele mooie gesprekken s’avonds op het terras.

HCB Medifit