Medical Fitness

Customized exercise programs at the Medifit rehabilitation center

Bij Revalidatiecentrum Medifit Reha beschikken we over een omvangrijk aanbod van beweegprogramma´s en medische fitness. These range from senior fitness and fitness for people with health problems to specific training programs for (elite) athletes.

Physio Fitness

In 2003, our physiotherapy practice expanded to include Physio Fitness. Our goal was and still is to engage people in health promotion in an active, relaxed, and responsible manner. Everyone who wants to exercise under the guidance of a physiotherapist is welcome. We provide an individualized program tailored to your needs and will help you become and remain fitter in a sporty and responsible way.

Senior Fitness

Medifit Reha has had a well-designed seniors program for active seniors for years. You can collaborate with your physiotherapist to create a program that suits your personal preferences. You train with an individual program in a group setting. Seniors with physical complaints can also work on improving their fitness with us.

Cardio Fitness

A form of fitness where the training program is adjusted based on the measured heart rate. Het doel is tijdens verschillende trainingen uw hartslag te monitoren. This way, you train at your optimal exertion level. This yields the best results for improving fitness, enhancing heart function, and/or losing weight.

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