Medifit Reha Rehabilitation Centre

Medifit Rehabilitation Centre

The international rehabilitation centre Medifit Reha in the Costa Blanca, Spain, is known for its successful rehabilitation programmes with excellent medical care. The medical rehabilitation treatment focuses on different physical and psychological problems.

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Rehabilitation wards

Our rehabilitation departments are equipped with the most advanced equipment and an experienced team of doctors, specialists, and therapists. We offer you all medical care within our rehabilitation centre. This ranges from rehabilitation medicine (inpatient and outpatient), nursing and diagnostic consultations to post-operative checks, wound care, and ultrasound. In addition, we offer you a complete specialised medical package aimed directly at the treatments of your complaints.

Therapeutic team

All rehabilitation and therapeutic treatments are provided by our friendly and professional team of therapists. The activities in the rehabilitation centre are led by Michael Martorell Schonenberg and Gerard Krol. Both have gained extensive experience in rehabilitation centres in Europe.

In close cooperation with your doctor and/or specialist, MedifitReha will put together a rehabilitation programme to promote your recovery in a professional, safe, and fast manner.

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Recovery at MedifitReha

A rehabilitation approach does not only focus on the disease or disorder itself, but also tries to reduce any permanent consequences as much as possible. The objective of the rehabilitation treatment is for the patient to be able to function as independently as possible in society in all aspects.

Rehabilitation abroad

MedifitReha’s treatment protocol is based on the latest insights and meets the international guidelines for rehabilitation medicine. We work together with several insurance companies and have attractive rates.

With us you will get many intensive one-to-one treatment sessions and personal attention. We also pay a lot of attention to symptom prevention; you will be given an exercise programme to take home which we supervise online. This way, you can maintain and improve your acquired condition at home.

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